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November 4, 2019

6 ways to improve your client experience and maximise the interior photography process

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I am grateful for the clients who trust me with their projects and I always do my best for them and keep my work transparent and honest. So in this blog I’ll be looking at how gathering and creating the right visual portfolio using a mixture of skilled photographer, common sense and some thinking ahead, enables companies to improve their photography experience and raise levels of satisfaction. Client- photographer relationship provides huge amounts of opportunities: allowing us to better understand how the interior photography can really be used, and in which ways it can be improved.

1. Regular Feedback

Good client-photographer relationship improves the experience by taking inspiration from those who understand it best: the client. And then translate it into tangible product that is the photography. Regular feedback is key to this. Managers should stay in constant communication with photographer through regular attendance on the shooting locations: meaning quick, short inputs into the creative process. It’s important the interior photography captures the style and quality of the interior design to properly represent the style and quality of the clients work.

2. Focus Points Detection

Ongoing communication can also help photographers to gauge the real-time requirement for the coming shoot. For instance floor-plans and use of visuals during the communication stage allows for pre- shoot discussion and creating the final goals.

3. Organisation

My new office shoot productivity planner creates the framework for a successful office interior shoot. What you will find is a peek into our organisational process. You will find a step by step guide to a successful office shoot planning and all the necessary brief instructions required.

My latest book : Commercial Interior Photography Guidelines is a compiled and an easy step-by-step instruction which leads you through the office photography stages of a successful office interior shoot.

4. A More Personalized Photography

Using clear communication and gathered data from previous shoots or other inspirational sources will automatically adjust the expectation and vision according to your individual preferences, thus creating your style. Our interior photographer can come to know you personally and offer a more personalised experience.

5. A Smarter Photography

Going a step further, real personal connection and discussion, personal involvement into the creative process, will allow the photographer to learn for themselves how to approach your shoot and provide the a-curate representation of your work in line with your unique style. Over time we will learn how just the right amount of natural light, the most optimally distant views and the most harmonious composition allow for best quality and creativity—and then adjust accordingly. That way we take care of monotonous, time-consuming tasks around photography, allowing you to focus on what you do best: finding and optimising the right ways to promote and grow your business.

6. Commodification of Photography

Lastly, workplace interior photography is set to transform how we experience the office space through visual representation. The goal is to create the right trigger for the viewer, which can create a personal response to the space. Not only will conversations happen more quickly and efficiently, but the interior photography is also a viable way to revisit spaces and focus on the most important parts with no need for actual visit, that can be both time and money consuming.

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