Written by our Managing Director Marek Sikora with over 10 years of experience to pass on to you, the Commercial Interior Photography Guidelines unlocks the secrets of the office photography to give inside knowledge as to how to create a brilliant commercial interior shoot, avoid mistakes and understand the process.

The sole purpose of this guide is to help a photographer to achieve a consistent look throughout multiple jobs. Photographing modern office spaces requires innovative thinking, a fresh approach and a keen eye for detail.
It is compiled in an easy step-by-step format which leads you through the office photography stages. With 14 steps in the staging section and detailed look into all the office areas with ready to recreate examples, this book holds the golden rules to a successful office interior shoot.

It is never easy approaching a busy office environment, but the Commercial Interior Photography Book will give you peace of mind and confidence that you need for every task at every stage of the shoot. 

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Size: 148mm x148mm 109 pages

Price £100 + £10 postage