How to work with interior photographer for best results.

Are you in the process of planning an office interior shoot? – Take the right steps.

It’s time to start planning your visual marketing and to assess your options of which interior photographer to hire for your case study. Are you going to negotiate the rates or go ahead with the most experienced photographer?

This article will guide you on how to prepare for your office interior shoot, the steps involved and who you should be talking to with regards to the photography.

Negotiating with the interior photographer

If you have decided to contact few interior photographers ahead of your shoot, it is best to select them based on few criteria:

  1. Is their portfolio relevant to what your project will require? Do they specialise in commercial interior photography? Photographing real estate is not the same as photographing a busy office.
  2. Are they asking for the brief from you? (In my opinion it’s always best for someone from the client’s team to be present at the shoot)
  3. Do they have the right equipment? It’s very important for the interior photographer to be able to transfer the sense of space and design into still photography through use of various lenses: wide angle lens, tilt and shift lens, prime lens.
  4. Does your interior photographer have a relevant insurance, in case of accidental damage?
  5. How long does it take for them to deliver the final photographs. Many freelance photographers do retouch the images themselves. In the peak times they might struggle to deliver the final photographs in a timely manner.

Then the best course of action is to compare the professionals when negotiating your payment. However, I strongly recommend not hiring a commercial interior photographer based on the price only.

Get in touch for advice on how to maximise your office shoot time with our Commercial Interior Photography Guidelines.

Managing the interior shoot

As a guide, I suggest beginning your interior shoot with some basic mapping of the space and deciding what particular sections of the office you want to show.

In order to be fully prepared for your shoot, you will need to action the following steps before:

  • Find out your the best time to photograph wit the least destruction i.e. can you access the offices outside of the working hours or on a days when they are less busy? Then you can assess how long it will take to photograph the sections you want or if it’s even possible.
  • Build your team: you will need strong support and flexibility from your interior photographer, throughout the process to stay informed and on target.
  • Start your commercial interior shoot with clear plan on what sections to focus on first and then gradually move towards the rest.
  • Being prepared is key to ensuring you have a selection of images to choose from that match your requirements.

What else to consider when scheduling your office interior shoot:

Make sure you are clear about all costs involved regarding photography. Some interior photographers charge extra for cancelations, additional retouching, extra time on the shoot etc.

Ask the photographer about their process of working on location. How do they prepare the space and make sure you are getting the best images possible.

Marek Sikora Photography is interior photographer based in London, working in accordance with the Commercial Interior Photography Guidelines.

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