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January 30, 2020

Case study of Thomson Snell & Passmore workplace refurbishment.

Workplace Creations became a trusted advisor in the workplace refurbishment process of the Thomson Snell & Passmore new offices in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Due to involvement at a very early stage of the redevelopment of the space, the company was able to significantly alter the developer’s Cat A design and influence the outcome of the project. They managed to extended both vertically and horizontally, creating 2,500sqm of net office accommodation.

The clients goal was to create a flexible workspace with contemporary feel. Each working floor offers an open and communal space along some workplace design solutions that allow their lawyers much needed privacy. Mixture of formal and informal meeting areas can be found on each floor. Staff is encouraged to collaborate or work through planned meetings utilising the variety of meeting areas, resulting in major change and modernisation in the way the company works.

The new offices provide a sense of calm. The modern design and smart acoustic surfaces create perfect environment for focused work, significant part of every day legal tasks.

We are thrilled that our company provided photography for this workplace refurbishment case study. This project also features on Office Snapshots, online platform focused around some of the best office designs from around the world.