Five-star, functional office space expertly delivered by Area.

The new HubHub offices is a workplace accommodating wide range of professional activities, from individual freelancers, start-ups to established companies in need of extra space.

The modern office space offers high-class environment for professionals with variety of amenities. There is access to auditorium, library, gaming room and cinema allocated across many floors.

This attractive and welcoming workspace combines various breakout areas with varied settings for meetings, collaboration and secluded working. Exposed services, modern furniture and clever lighting create a sense of dynamic within the space, complemented by warm neutral colours.

Our team member Alex Moira was the photographer in charge of this office shoot. His brief was to deliver high quality imagery that provides direct insight into the smart office space design.

The photographs are mixture of wide angle photography, showcasing the scale of the rooms and the functionality of the space design solutions.

Small selection of the close ups provide insight into the office furniture implementation and capture the unique characteristic of each zone.