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This month, SoulCycle opened in Soho, the most dynamic area in the heart of London.

Having watched the SoulCycle movement grow steadily in America, I was excited with their emphasis on creating the same experience here in London; equally as a brand providing the same upbeat experience and through their refined commercial interior.

So, when I was offered the chance to conduct the fit out photography for SoulCycle’s first ever 3,500 square-foot studio in London, I was keen to see what design details were in store and what the whole hype was about.

The Soho studio stretches across multiple floors. The changing rooms have very zen interior fitted with the latest model of Dyson hairdryers. They also have selection of natural cosmetic products available. The whole SoulCycle experience caters to the body and soul.

SoulCycle takes cycling from a physical exercise up to the pure holistic indulgence. This comes with the fact that each studio is blessed and its good energy is ensured through placing a crystal.

The brand consistency is immediately evident as soon as the customer walks through the door, with merchandise display and clothing items available.

My challenge for retail photography is to capture the intricacy and detail; showing the customer experience journey and atmosphere of the studio. Therefore, a certain amount of planning had to occur well before I performed the shoot.

First we came up with the brief after two pre-shoot visits to the studio. Together with the PR agent and the client we finalised the look for the retail interior photos they hoped to achieve.

With SoulCycle being such an iconic brand, I was delighted to be a part of such a unique project. I was also thrilled to be invited for some spinning fun after!- see below.

The final images might not really showcase the incredible experience offered at their newest location but let me tell you, the fun my team photographer Alex and I had during the spinning class, can not be translated through interior photography . But the smiles say it all!

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