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June 12, 2017

How Virtual Tours are transforming marketing

The real estate agent’s task of taking a property from listing to sale is quite a time consuming venture. It takes additional time showing people around properties, driving through city traffic to reach one property after another for viewings, not to mention all the time in between spent on additional tasks. Also, the journey of the buyer, who currently views an average of between 10 and 15 properties before finding their next dream home. All the time invested into an unpredictable future result. 

The emergence of 360 virtual tours offers a dramatic solution for the whole property and interior industry. Suddenly, rather than dragging yourself around those 10 to 15 properties, the buyer could narrow down their search by previewing properties virtually.

The Rise of 360 Virtual Tours

The use of a 360 virtual tour to market a property, results in a more engaging and accurate search than before. The two-dimensional photographs of properties are well-known for being an amazing representation of the space, ensuring for many property viewers subsequently being attracted to seeing the property ‘in the flesh’. The 360 virtual tours, however, provide even more accuracy of representation enabled by a more three-dimensional view of all the rooms and outside space.

By making it easier for buyers to search and narrow down properties to view, they can now focus on planning viewings for those in which they are most interested. That alone saves a lot of time on both sides.


Broadening Buyer Scope

The ability to view a property remotely, either on screen or via a virtual reality device can be very useful for overseas investors. This is particularly the case for luxury and high-value properties, which are those most frequently sought by buyers from abroad.

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Where To Show Your 360 Virtual Tour

Once the 360 tour is created it will be uploaded and made visible online. The tour can be accessed from desktop, tablet, mobile, and via Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR headsets.

A 360 virtual tour can also be hosted on your company’s website and vastly increase the reach of the property listing. An iframe embed code is provided, allowing for easy embed tours on your own website. The estate agency can link from Rightmove or Zoopla listings, as well as from most leading property CRM systems, to the 360 virtual tour on the agency website.

Interested property investors or property developers can be offered promotional Google Cardboard headsets on which to view the tours, which we can order and customise with agency branding. This is a fantastic promotional tool for initiating the move to virtual reality viewings, and further positioning you as a forward-thinking brand.


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