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August 12, 2019

Office shoot of Morningstar for AAID

Morningstar has contracted AAID (Allen Architecture Interiors Design) to redevelop their new offices in London.

This office shoot shows how AAID turned the space into highly collaborative and adaptable workplace environment, that is so reflective of the company’s culture.

The architectural structure allows for natural light and views, creating connectivity points, that establish clearly defined work zones. The central and orbitual places connect and interact easily.

It’s a highly functioning space, with 395 people occupancy. It contains variety of facilities like office cafe, internal meeting rooms with video conferencing, TV studio for podcasts and various lounges.

The Morningstar interior design reflects timeless but modern classic environment. A workspace that is highly adaptable and ensures maximum opportunities to network and collaborate. The use of glass partitions and open spaces creates atmosphere of transparency and openness in the office. This dynamic is further reflected in the workspace interaction through non-hierarchical work zones.

The space contains plenty of meeting rooms, telephone rooms and office booths providing quiet spaces, when privacy is requested. Bright colour blocks with highly industrial polished aluminium surfaces provide a vibrant and inviting environment.

Office shoot featured on Office Snapshots

Office interior by Allen Architecture Interiors Design

Office shoot by Marek Sikora Photography