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October 4, 2019

How to photograph office interiors?

Quick tips on office interiors photography

The sole purpose of this post is to help an interior photographer or commercial interior client to achieve a consistent look throughout multiple office shoots.

Photographing modern offices and workplaces requires innovative thinking, a fresh approach and a keen eye for detail.

The photographer must understand the detailed requirements of the client to enable the accurate presentation of specific office areas and the constantly evolving workplace in the best possible way.

It is very important that the office photography captures the style and high standard of the interior design to properly represent the style and quality of the clients work.

  1. Space preparation- clear cables, align chairs, remove personalised items from desks, remove rubbish bins
  2. Take care to make sure there are no unwanted reflections in mirrors, partition walls, windows etc)
  3. Make sure all the fabrics look tidy and cushions are plumped.
  4. Level the blinds or keep them fully open.
  5. Check the background for destructing elements
  6. When moving through the office with your camera, make sure to capture variety of angles from each section.
  7. Repeat all the above for each zone.

For more detailed insight into our office interiors photography process, please go to my Commercial Interior Photography Guideline page.