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September 2, 2021

The workspace undeniably exudes quality and sophistication. 70 St Mary Axe case study for Area.

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Modern lines structured with natural materials have been used to define spaces and the colour palette chosen to reflect the client’s brand and personality. The office design scheme implies confidence and calmness, with architectural elements brought to life through considered design.

Positioning the reception, meeting, tea point and breakout spaces to the northeast, allows for work zones to maximise the natural light and panoramic views to the south; a key aspects for productivity in the workplace. Connecting the meeting rooms to the reception area, provided a space for focus and collaboration with visitors and clients.

Team Area made sure all spaces have a specific relationship with each wing, which highlight the connection the brand has established with its people.

Quiet rooms and collaborative zones are located in a way as to connect to the open plan workspace. The breakout area is also spilt into a variety of zones, designed to be dually functional, empowering connectivity and enhancing collaboration.

The design team consistently used organic shapes reflected through furniture design and bespoke joinery, complimented by regimented lines and forms seen in the exterior fabric, and therefore creating a sense of harmony between spaces.

The Area team were awarded with a Gold Ska Certification for this particular project. Entering the workspace one can immediately see the key considerations were made to acoustic and biophilic design, air quality, ergonomics and comfort. It is one of the places that ‘feel good’.

Following lockdown, more clients opt a more hybrid way of working for greater flexibility and productivity. By creating this amazing destination workspace, Area team provided the key element in empowering their clients to choose when and where they work.

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