Peldon Rose workplace design- office photography

Peldon Rose are award winning office design company famous for transforming any workplace for the benefit of businesses. This Tom Tom office relocation project is one outstanding example of how the company creates more connected environment that supports their clients’ strong community culture.

The office is bright, a modern mixed-use building in central London, with a lot of natural light.

There are mixture of open collaboration areas, flexible work settings and closed meeting spaces, providing smart functionality.

During the office photography, we were able to maintain the flow of natural light throughout the photography due to transparent glass partitions. The glass partitions also create an atmosphere of transparency and approachability within the office community.

The mix between residential and industrial elements with a clean modern office furniture give the space a welcoming feel. Whilst the building’s exposed ceilings with suspended plants add to the urban character of this office, the furniture pieces are the soft residential element.

Work space build and project design by Peldon Rose

Office chairs by Furniko