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The forward thinking approach to workplace design in this project is reflected in creativity, which gave us the freedom in how we delivered the office photography.

Area, experts in office design, refurbishment and workplace design fit-out is the company who designed and delivered this highly unusual yet very functional office space.

The client wanted the unique personality of the space to come across the UK site. It’s a common principle that defines the brand globally that all the workplaces are unified by embracing spirit of many cultures and counties. At the same time the design solution needed to provide great facilities and various working environments for their employees.

The client’s idea was to take cellular approach, that is expressed in the form of well defined work settings, supporting the required functionality while providing an opportunity to explore international themes in a playful way.

Walking around the office feels like a journey through global cultures. It’s reflected in many architectural and design details, patterns and colours. The collaborative and break out areas spaces in particular are vibrant and colourful.

Long gone are days where office photography was a mundane task. The process of photographing uninspiring and never ending corridors with boxed offices on both sides all that belongs to the past. Our work was never as exciting and challenging as it is today and we love the variety of spaces we get to photograph.

Our team member Alex Moira was the photographer for this project.