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April 15, 2020

Jamaica Bank London office photography

MDC is the expert office design company behind this truly inspiring workplace.

Jamaica Bank office launched in the heart of Brixton,London this winter. MDC group curried out all the alterations necessary to create this innovative office space for the 125 year old bank brand. Their client’s wish was for their first UK branch to embody the Jamaica Bank brand identity and pay homage to their heritage and homeland of Jamaica.

The whole office space is focused very much on the user experience.

The focal point, the tree of life along with biophilic elements represents the famous Fern Gully rainforest on the Jamaican island. It is also the wow factor of the space making a great first impression. The natural elements of the space make the employees feel more connected to the nature, which is a very important part of the office wellbeing culture.

Beyond this there are various sections to the office that are activity-based or working areas for collaboration.

The office design demonstrates a strong sense of branding. The company’s identity is shining through the colours and textures used within the space.

When providing office photography for this project, we focused our efforts to translate the functionality of the workplace into a still image. It was very important to the MDC design team that our photography captures the atmosphere of the space along with the user journey. See more our projects