Interior Photographer London, Retail Interior Photography

August 30, 2019

London Cartoon Museum- commercial interior

Commercial interior case study photography of the London Cartoon Museum expertly designed by architects Sam Jacob Studio and created by Area.

The Cartoon Museum is a unique place with extensive collection of cartoon and comic art.

When entering the space one is mesmerised by the contrast between the tranquil atmosphere in the exhibition rooms and the bright colourful and vibrant public areas.

Bold block colours were used to dominate the space and balance the artwork. The bright colours were also used on the exposed services on the ceiling.

The public spaces are filled animated drama and excitement, including human-sized cutouts of cartoon characters and cut out holes in walls looking like cartoon explosions. All that is meant to entice visitors and take them on a journey to explore.

By contrast, the exhibition space has a quiet and industrial aesthetic bringing attention to the artwork.

Photographing this commercial interior project was focused on delivering images reflecting the improved space. We wanted to show the functionality of the different rooms and the incorporated elements that contributed to making it an enjoyable place to visit.

The interior shoot was scheduled outside the opening times with limited time to provide the photography.

Architects for this project – Sam Jacob Studio

Build & design company- Area.