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May 29, 2019

Hunts Office website- interior photographer London

Interior photographer London – Hunts Office website photography

Most of the time they want both: case study images they can use on their website.

Many of my initial enquiries come from clients who want to freshen up the images on their website, or they need a case study of their most recent commercial interior design project? But in reality, they want both!

I have been photographing for commercial interior design and refurbishment companies for 13 years now. Let me reassure you that office interior photography (case study shoot) is different than a showroom interior shoot or website editorial.

Part of it is due to the fact that there is more time and energy put into each part of the process. Even the post-production when creating imagery for the website demands more attention.

The client’s expectations are also higher when working with interior designers or stylists, as opposed to more conventional showroom interior or office case study shoot.
Interior photography shoots for the website are very collaborative and detail-oriented.

They usually start with the client meetings through to the styling of the space, up to the editing. It’s a one complex process.

This high attention to detail ( Commercial Interior Photography Guidelines) is part of what allows it to demand higher rates! It doesn’t only mean a lot of detail shots of the office interior spaces, but also paying more attention to post-processing too.

The end goal is always to produce eye-catching, great quality and consistent interior photographs. These have to look great on client’s website, internal and external marketing, quite often in magazines just as well as they would on Instagram or any other social media channel.

This year, I’ve been very lucky to have been working with the Hunts Office company on delivering images for their new website.

We also have been working along their creative team in producing series of editorial interior photography for their case study section and online marketing.