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Last year I had the honour to work on an interior lifestyle shoot for IKEA spring trends 2018. It’s was such a great experience! Working for this interior brand was fantastic !!!

The shoot was based on 4 looks: Blurred Boundaries, Fluid Spaces, Urban Youth and Bold Personality.

Fluid Spaces

Trend that is inspired by more people moving to cities. The fact that average home in the UK is shrinking in size. There is an increasing need for homes that can constantly change and evolve – not only from month to month, but also throughout the day.

The Fluid Spaces trend was born as a direct response to this situation. Focusing on modular and multi-functional furniture, that can be easily modified to create a new look. Furniture, that is made up of a functional mix of materials and shapes that can suit lots of styles and uses in just one space.


There was one room-set per trend at the event which the client wanted me to capture for the look-book. All of these room-sets  have been created, so it was a case of shooting them in the same style as the other shots in each trend. All that to make sure the book has a consistent look.


  • Wide selection of images for IKEA to choose from
  • At least two wide angle shots of the full room set for each of the four trends
  • A selection of close ups of individual inspirational/stand out products within the sets
  • We require the images to look inspirational and within the context of the set, rather than taking individual products on a plain white backdrop

You can see the final look book by following the link below:



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