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December 9, 2019

Cityspace Management- smart office design

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Any successful office design focuses not only on the most obvious workplace solutions; it also has to take into account all sorts of quirks and nuances of the building and its infrastructure. Creating a brand new office for hundreds of workers, space that allows them to flawlessly go about their jobs, takes some planning and great attention to detail.

Cityspace Management skilfully designed and delivered the Raymond James new offices.

By its nature, workplace solutions and office design are a very visual process. It entails thinking about how the space will be utilised, and all the elements that will influence how the offices will look and feel.

The Raymond James project is a great example of such a successful office design. The layout was created around two separate areas: a client-facing space and office space designed to accommodate employees needs. 

The more public, client-facing area is very flexible and allows for larger gatherings such as client presentations, talks, meetings and training. However, the space also required creating more acoustically private locations for smaller formal meetings and video conference calls. 

The reception area was designed with the idea of making it more open and extensive, with the operation of the sliding glass partition wall.

Cityspace Management also delivered a local refreshment point and a kitchen to cater to the company’s visitors and clients. The kitchen area was strategically positioned for easy access. The breakout area provides an array of seating choices with refreshments and snack fridges. The semi-open dining area, right next to the kitchen, is to encourage informal meetings and team collaboration. All fabrics and cushioning of the benches were designed to absorb the noise serving an acoustic purpose. 

Traditional British phone booths provide a fun element to the whole office design.

Cityspace Management team and me, we spent a full day creating a photographic case study for the client. The office was already fully occupied and took great planning and discretion to be able to capture all the significant aspects of this office design without disturbing the flow of the employees.