Office furniture by Bene. London showroom.

Modern design, bold colours and creative functionality solutions are the defining characteristics of the Bene showroom in London. The London showroom is designed to highlight the essentials in a smart workspace furniture focusing on functionality, space solutions as well as strong impact through use of bold colour schemes.

The newly refurbished showroom is in design- driven Clerkenwell area, the heart of London’s creative scene. The extensive display of office furniture is spread across four levels, with an additional separate exhibition space, focusing around the latest Bene furniture range, set in a contemporary and comfortable setting.

Bene definition of an office is a living space, that encompasses varying types of zones and areas for different activities. The right office furniture allow to better define and differentiate between areas for focussed, uninterrupted work, zones for teamwork, social interaction and collaboration spaces.

In today’s modern workspace environment, it is also important to provide areas for uninterrupted and focussed work, that seamlessly connect to the open plan spaces within the office. Choosing the right office furniture makes a significant difference not only in the way the office is used but it will also create a working environment that supports the employees and creates a culture around your business.