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March 3, 2020

AIS made sure the office space responds to the dual demands of both their now and future team.

The W2O team put their trust into AIS, Advanced Interior Solutions to develop and redesign their new office, that the company newly acquired in London.

The new office is both: appealing and practical. Which is a crucial aspect of the productivity of the W2O organisation. The company cares a lot about wellbeing of their people and is striving to sustain the reputation as place where everyone feels included and has a voice.

The main thing when you enter the office is the amount of natural daylight that fills the space and amazing views of London. AIS introduces series of office design solutions to create collaborative working space. Bringing people together was the key design vision of the team.

The whole space has been arranged so that open plan task desk area is placed to the perimeter providing access to natural light while creating fresh and comfortable working space. The teams have their own selection of varying styles of collaborative spaces, with everyone’s working needs being catered for.

The whole workplace feels modern. The light wooden elements with a mix of calm blue tones spread across the office, create a comfortable and warm feeling to the space. The breakout areas are diverse and spread over the floor, adapting to the different moods and challenges staff may face throughout their day.

One of the most welcoming spaces of the whole office design is the kitchen and ‘town hall’ area. Both designed with for casual meet ups and large gatherings. The space has a wide range of seating options as well as a stage platform .

The overall design of this office is very uplifting, inspiring positivity and excitement. We loved photographing this project and the AIS team was very supportive with their comments during the whole process. Alex Moira was the team photographer for this project and we think he did an excellent job.